Author Mike Herring writes about a family who lived naked and free with nature high up in the mountains            between France and Spain.

Gillies is born of parents that chose a simple basic lifestyle living freely naked in the wild mountains between France and Spain. He knows nothing of the world outside the mountain range. Gillies learns the basic facts of life through living naturally amongst the wildlife. Later in his teens, he ventures freely naked across the valleys and mountains far away from their cabin. Here he finds another world. Life is about to change for him...or does it?

Mike had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of the Naturist Reserve whilst making a Documentary Film on Naturism. It was not possible to find time to do justice to this amazing story until Mike settled for semi-retirement. 


A story of how a family lived naked and free with Nature


Mike also writes under his pen name Michael Keene  

Mike Herring Author & Photographer [ LSWPP ]

I have had many exhibitions both in England and abroad. Although my true love in photography has been in capturing people and showing them another dimension of themselves, I also enjoy capturing life, be it people or scenes. Prints of my work are under copyright, however, some are available to be purchased...please contact me direct re prices or commissions.    

Mike Herring writer of Contemporary Fiction. Also, writes as Michael Keene see website                                               

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'Through the Mist'  Highly Succesful book that takes the reader through the experiences of Nigel as he wrestles with his sexuality in his late teens. He and his best friend Mike travel across France in a VW camper in an attempt to find life's answers...

'For the Love of Tom'  The period 1914-18 war.  Two soldiers are thrown during the shelling of their trenches. As they huddled together, they realized that there was more than fear that made them relate this way. They are both injured by a bomb blast and sent home to recover. They both make a desperate attempt to find each other in the hope that they both still shared the same feelings for each other. How could they explain their love for each other to their families and friends as same-sex love was a crime in that period? 

'The Other Life'  A tantalizing story of how Gino, a talented photographer, tries to take time off to write his first book. In his attempt to find peace, he rents a cabin in a remote mountain in France. He arrives, sets up his laptop, then explores the surrounding area. On his return to the cabin, he finds that his laptop has been opened up. Someone had started to write a story. Fear overtakes him at first...then he finds the humour in the situation and adds to the story. A few nights later 'Marco' a phantom, suddenly appears. He had been dead for 200 years, and always returned to the place where he was killed. They become good friends and complete the story between them. They become lovers also, and Gino takes his phantom lover back to London with him. As Marco could appear or just vanish, they both live an hilarious lifestyle. 


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A photograph taken now captures a moment in life forever. 


The Beauty of Nature

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